Hello everyone, my name is Katie and I hold the tittle of Miss Teenage Manitoulin 2015 with excitement! Currently, I am Attending Sudbury Secondary School, and triple majoring there in Drama, Dance and Vocal Music.

I take great pride in my art, as it is and alwayshas been my lifelong dream; to dance, sing,act and ultimately inspire. Since I was a small child, performance of any kind was extremely important to me, and I took it seriously. Singing in church choirs, acting in school plays, dancing for talent shows and drawing for the fun of it were just some ways I exercised my artistic mind. Always moving, always learning anything I could about my craft. I knew it was what I’m good at. Throughout the years I have been given the absolute privilege to attend an arts school, learn from the best and better my skills as a performer every single day. My education means the world to me, and I take full responsibility in what I gain from it everyday.

Theatre is where I come alive. There is no other feeling in the world quite like being on stage. Feeling the lights heat up your body, hearing the crowd mutter and breathe, feeling your feet on the stage floor as you dance, and the overwhelming energy received from everyone in the room. The sheer energy, emotion and love I pour out of my soul every time I’m on stage is a gift, and enough to make me tremble.

I love it with such a passion. When I graduate from Sudbury Secondary School with the SHISM stamp on my diploma, I intend to move to New York City for further education in my favourite craft.

My passions are not only performing, but motivating, learning, and inspiring. This summer at the Miss Manitoulin Pageant I have the opportunity to attend as a judge and a speaker. My workshop will be entirely on motivation for young girls who may feel too unloved or unaccepted to be good enough. My message is that no matter your size, race, sexuality, cultural beliefs, hair colour, eye colour, economic class, or title, you are so important to this world. Nothing and No one are better than you. You are equal, beautiful, loved, and cherished like nothing else. This is my platform and solid belief.

I leave you now with my favourite quote. Its gotten me through battles, and so many times when I wanted to give up:

“For a star to be born, there is one thing that first must happen; a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse, crumble. This is not your destruction. This, is your birth.”




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