I stand for a healthy, natural, self loving body. If you have these qualities, you my friend are ‘perfect’.

What does perfect mean? What is ones body ‘supposed to look like’ and who decides all of this?

Beautiful, perfect, flawless, sexy. All of these words are just excess. They are typically used in our society today to define a skinny body, but have I got some news for you.

NOTHING in this world is more important than loving yourself. If you don’t have that, you have nothing to go off of.


To the girls who look in the mirror every single morning and are almost in tears because of what they see, forgive yourself, cut yourself some slack, and love for heavens sake. This body is the only one you have,

To the girls who try on countless outfits and nothing seems to fit right, keep trying. Don’t be discouraged, be different. Choose to stand out.

To the girls who are beginning to come around to the fact that they are just as beautiful as the girl next to them no matter their size, please keep believing it.

To the girls who are flaunting everything they’ve got big or small, WORK IT.


To the girls breaking the stereotype, continue. There are so many different girls out there, and very single on of us deserves to be appreciated.


I stand for the equality of appreciation of every body type, and that deterring from your hope and dreams because of your physical traits is unnecessary, and so last year.



Written by: Katie
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