Hi there! So you’ve probably noticed by now that I’ve been gone and not posting for a while! After finishing up with this year of school I started working in my dream field, early childhood education, at my local childcare centre. This has been an absolute blast and has made me even more sure of my career choice before going to school to be a registered early childhood educator. The preparation for Miss Teenage Canada has been very stressful and I’m so thankful for the kids I get to work with as they remind me to laugh, smile, and enjoy the little things everyday! Tonight I chose my interview and evening gown, I know I’m cutting it a little close but I’ve been so busy and wanted to make sure they were perfect! I’ll be posting every week now, stay tuned for updates and a sneak peak of my MTC wardrobe!


Your Miss Teenage Manitoulin 2018,

Megan ♡

Written by: Megan
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